Hachikuji Mayoi

My waifu shrine

This is where I will post pictures and songs that's related to Hachikuji Mayoi
mai waifu Updates will be up Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and sometimes also Sunday!
They're mostly for my own sake but you're also welcome to read them.
Beware though, I really put my deepst personal thoughts in them.

Picture Gallery
Sunday 7th September
Monday 8th September
Tuesday 9th September
Thursday 11th September
Saturday 13th September
Monday 15th September
Tuesday 16th September
Thursday 18th September
Saturday 20th September
Sunday 21th September
Monday 22th September
Thursday 25th September
Sunday 28th September
Monday 29th September

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Update history/Changelog

7/9-2014 Sunday
+Added "Courage to tell a lie" video in top right corner
+Added update history/changelog section
+Changed layout a bit and aligned picture+text better
+Wrote first blog post
8/9-2014 Monday
+Added Happy Birthday blog post
+Added picture gallery #1
9/9-2014 Tuesday
+Added 4 pictures to gallery
+Added Tuesday 9th September blog post/td>
11/9-2014 Thursday
+Added 1 picture to gallery
+Added Thursday 11th September blog post/td>
13/9-2014 Saturday
+Added 1 picture to gallery
+Added Saturday 13th September blog post/td>
15/9-2014 Monday
+Added Monday 15th September blog post
+Cleaned up and renamed some files for easier navigation
16/9-2014 Tuesday
+Added Tuesday 16th September blog post
18/9-2014 Thursday
+Added Thursday 18th September blog post
+Added pictures to gallery
20/9-2014 Saturday
+Added Saturday 20th September blog post
21/9-2014 Sunday
+Added Sunday 21th September blog post
22/9-2014 Monday
+Added Monday 22th September blog post
25/9-2014 Thursday
+Added Thursday 25th September blog post
28/9-2014 Sunday
+Added Sunday 28th September blog post
29/9-2014 Sunday
+Added Monday 29th September blog post